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Cutting Down on Summer Spending

It appears money is spent a lot quicker when summertime rolls around. With temperatures and gas prices rising, it is important to re-evaluate your budget to consider these additional expenses. There are several steps you can take to save money and enjoy your summer.

Electricity bills seem to drastically increase during the summer. To cut your bill down, unplug appliances you are not using. This may appear like a small task, but if you think about all the appliances you have plugged in that you are not using, it can make a big difference. Several appliances you can leave unplugged throughout the day include the coffee pot, phone charger, blow-dryer, or essential oil diffuser. If you remember to unplug the appliance and commit to doing it daily, you can save a few bucks on your bill during the hot months.

Other steps you can take to decrease your power bill include air drying clothes or decrease using the dishwasher. Both clothes dryers and dishwashers use a good amount of energy. By air drying clothes you can preserve the quality while saving money. If you find yourself running the dishwasher while its half-full or filled with pans that can be hand washed, you are wasting energy! Try to put as many dishes in the dishwasher and hand wash pans in order to maximize the wash.

Another step you can take to reduce your power bill is to utilize curtains. With all different colors, designs, and sunlight blockage amounts, curtains can be used to help keep your house cool while adding a unique element to your house. Blackout curtains are becoming an increasingly popular option for summer months to help eliminate light and keep cool air in.

Lastly, replacing your air filter will have more of an impact than you think. Once a filter is past it’s prime, it’s easy for cooling costs to creep up. Dust clogs up the filter and prevents adequate air flow. Filters are relatively inexpensive and can have a positive impact on your air quality and overall power bill.

While living costs may creep up in the summer months, these small steps in your home may help to decrease costs on your energy bill.

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