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Budget-Friendly Tailgate Tips

Football season is finally here! Whether you’re supporting your local high school team at the stadium or cheering on your favorite NFL team from home, football brings people together for a good time. This good time, however, can be rather costly if you are not careful. Don’t let the expenses ruin the game! Here are several tips to help you save money on your next tailgate party!

1. Buy in bulk

Buying supplies ahead of time in stores like Sams or Costco can help reduce costs while getting the best bang for your buck! Not only can you buy food and drinks in bulk, but you can also buy non-perishable goods that will last all season long like paper goods and decorations. Be on the lookout for your favorite store’s ads to help have additional savings. Having a list ahead of time can help you stay on track and plan your trip most efficiently.

2. Throw a potluck

If you are at the game, food and drink prices can be expensive. One of the biggest expenses for tailgates is food. Instead of trying to supply everything yourself, make it a potluck! Midland National states, “By asking others to contribute, you’ll be able to cut down on your expenses, and you’ll get help bringing everything to the stadium.” This will also help increase diversity among dishes. While everyone is bringing a dish, ask them to also bring their drinks! This way everyone has what they like and your budget isn't strained.

3. DIY

There are several do it yourself projects that can save you big time when it comes to game day. Ring toss and cornhole are common tailgate games, however, these can be expensive to buy. There are tons of online tutorials that demonstrate how to make these games yourself! Another common expense is fan gear. Official shirts and jerseys can be rather pricy. Contact a local monogrammer or graphic design shop to see if they can print you some unique, personalized gear.

Football season is more than the sport, especially in South Georgia. It’s about the fellowship that comes along with it. These tips can help ensure your next tailgate is a budget-friendly touchdown!

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